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Remote Jupyter Notebook


Use these commands to run a jupyter server on a remote server and access it locally in a browser. You must have SSH access to the browser. Use any port you want.

Do not forget to change username@server to the correct value!


where using command
server terminal jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8888
local terminal ssh -v -NL 8888:localhost:8888 username@server
local browser localhost:8888


This starts the jupyter notebook. Keep the terminal open or run it in the background using screen, tmux, nohup, etc.

jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8888

For example, you can start it in the background with screen.

screen -d -m -S JUPYTER jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8888

You can reattach to the screen session if need be. Use Ctrl+a+d to detach.

screen -r JUPYTER

You can stop the screen session altogether, killing the jupyter server.

screen -ls
screen -X -S JUPYTER quit


This creates an SSH tunnel. It makes localhost:8888 point to the server's 8888 port. Fill in the correct username@server!

ssh -v -NL 8888:localhost:8888 username@server

Again, you can start it in the background with screen if you don't want to leave the terminal window open.

screen -d -m -S TUNNEL ssh -v -NL 8888:localhost:8888 username@server


This is the web address you have to open in a browser on the local machine.



Here are some useful screen commands. Use screen to run things in the background (like the jupyter notebook).

screen -ls                    # see whats running
screen -d -m -S NAME command  # start a screen
screen -X    -S NAME quit     # stop a screen
screen -r       NAME          # attach to a screen



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@alphaCTzo7G alphaCTzo7G commented Nov 24, 2017

Thanks for writing this up.. I have been working in tmux/vim/ipython.. and now have to probably start using jupyter notebook, or qtconsole.

since you mentioned screen, I am assuming you are familiar with working in the terminal, vim etc. Is there run a jupyter notebook in a tmux/screen terminal multiplexer, while embedding images?

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