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Pre-cache the LXD image used when launching Juju machines
# This script will create xenial (and trusty, et al) lxd images that will
# be used by the lxd provider in juju 2.1+ It is for use with the lxd
# provider for local development and preinstalls a common set of production
# packages.
# This is important, as between them, basenode and layer-basic install ~111
# packages, before we even get to any packages installed by your charm.
# It also installs some helpful development tools, and pre-downloads some
# commonly used packages.
# This dramatically speeds up the install hooks for lxd deploys. On my slow
# laptop, average install hook time went from ~7min down to ~1 minute.
set -eux
# The basic charm layer also installs all the things. 47 packages.
LAYER_BASIC="gcc build-essential python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-yaml"
# the basic layer also installs virtualenv, but the name changed in xenial.
# Predownload common packages used by your charms in development
function cache() {
lxc delete $container -f || true
lxc launch ubuntu:$series $container
sleep 15 # wait for network
lxc exec $container -- apt update -y
lxc exec $container -- apt upgrade -y
lxc exec $container -- apt install -y $PACKAGES $2
lxc stop $container
lxc image delete $alias || true
lxc publish $container --alias $alias description="$series juju dev image ($(date +%Y%m%d))"
lxc delete $container -f || true
#cache trusty "$TRUSTY_PACKAGES"
cache xenial "$XENIAL_PACKAGES"
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