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Contributing to the Juju Documentation

Juju Documentation Virtual Sprint

Why participate?

Good documentation saves you time, and writing documentation makes you a better developer.

Who can participate?

Anyone! We're looking for feedback from developers, casual and new users alike.

How to participate?

Join us in the #juju Freenode IRC channel and watch the livestream.


The best way to contribute to the documentation is to follow an issue-based workflow.

Ways to contribute

  • Triage: Review open issues. You can confirm that the issue is still valid, or no longer valid.

  • Open New Issues: Have you run into trouble finding something in the docs, or found that the instructions provided no longer work? Or know of a page in the documentation that you're familiar with? Review it for accuracy and ease of reading, and open an issue for making it better.

  • Found an issue that you can address? Follow the typical github workflow: fork, branch, write, commit, push, and open a pull request!

Get started

Browse through all the open issues, or by tag, such as ecosystem, low, medium, or high priority.

Find an issue that you can contribute to

  • Is it still valid?
    • Check current docs to see if the issue has been addressed
    • Do you know/can you find the knowledge to resolve the issue?
      • Write docs

For example, I looked back at an issue I opened last year:

Issue: Developer guide cites OS-specific instructions

Is it still valid? I:

  • checked the original page referenced in the issue and found that it'd been rewritten since I last looked, and that instructions for installing developer tools had been moved.
  • checked the new page(s) referenced by the previous step and verified that they now include OS-specific details.
  • closed the issue as it's no longer valid.
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