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Create project specific datasource templates for your SXA tenant so you can extend them with custom fields - Promo on Showcase example
###### user settings start here
# Path to the tenant that you want to update
$tenantTemplatesPath = "master:\templates\Project\Showcase"
# Site that should be upgraded to the new template - ise asterisk to upgrade multiple sites.
$sitePath = "master:\content\Showcase\*"
# Path to the component for which you want to introduce your own data source
$componentPath = 'master:\layout\Renderings\Feature\Experience Accelerator\Page Content\Promo'
# Path to the feature or foundation folder that contains the templates
$featurePath = "Feature/Experience Accelerator/Page Content"
# templates to be cloned
$datasourceTemplateName = "Promo"
$datasourceFolderTemplateName = "Promo Folder"
###### user settings end here
# The function creates a Template in the project based on a template in either Foudation or Feature layer
function Assert-FeatureTemplateInProject {
[String[]] $TenantTemplateFolder,
[String[]] $FeatureTemplatePath,
[String[]] $FeatureTemplateName
# does the template exist?
$projectTemplate = Get-Item "$tenantTemplateFolder\$featureTemplateName" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
#if we haven't created tenant events yet - we need to do it
if ($projectTemplate -eq $null){
# create template
$projectTemplate = New-Item "$tenantTemplateFolder\$featureTemplateName" -ItemType "System/Templates/Template"
# add base feature template
Add-BaseTemplate -Item $projectTemplate -Template "$featureTemplatePath/$featureTemplateName"
# copy template icon from the base template
$projectTemplate.__Icon = (Get-Item "master:\templates\$featureTemplatePath/$featureTemplateName").__Icon
#create standard values if they don't exist
[Sitecore.Data.Items.TemplateItem]$templateItem = $projectTemplate
if($TemplateItem.StandardValues -eq $null){
$standardValues = $TemplateItem.CreateStandardValues()
# return the template
return $projectTemplate
# The function adds a template to the Insert options of another template on Standard values
function Add-ToStandardValues {
[Item] $Template,
[Item[]] $InsertTemplates
# let's get the standard values
[Sitecore.Data.Items.TemplateItem]$templateItem = Get-Item "$($Template.ProviderPath)"
#if we haven't created project calendar event yet - we need to do it
if($TemplateItem.StandardValues -eq $null){
$standardValues = $TemplateItem.CreateStandardValues()
$standardValues = Get-Item "$($Template.ProviderPath)\__Standard Values" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$standardValues.__Masters = $InsertTemplates
# copy templates to project
$datasourceTemplate = Assert-FeatureTemplateInProject -TenantTemplateFolder $tenantTemplatesPath -FeatureTemplatePath $featurePath -FeatureTemplateName $datasourceTemplateName
$datasourceFolderTemplate = Assert-FeatureTemplateInProject -TenantTemplateFolder $tenantTemplatesPath -FeatureTemplatePath $featurePath -FeatureTemplateName $datasourceFolderTemplateName
# set insert options
Add-ToStandardValues -Template $datasourceFolderTemplate -InsertTemplates $datasourceTemplate
# replace the data source template with project specific
Get-ChildItem "$sitePath\Data" -Recurse | ? { $_.TemplateName -eq $datasourceTemplateName } |
% { Set-ItemTemplate -Item $_ -TemplateItem $datasourceTemplate;}
# replace the data source folder template with project specific
Get-ChildItem "$sitePath\Data" -Recurse | ? { $_.TemplateName -eq $datasourceFolderTemplateName } |
% { Set-ItemTemplate -Item $_ -TemplateItem $datasourceFolderTemplate; $_.__Masters = @($datasourceFolderTemplate, $datasourceTemplate); }
# get component
$component = Get-Item $componentPath
# Create datasource configuration for the component
$datacourceConfigRoots = @() + (Get-Item "$sitePath\Settings" | %{ Get-ChildItem $_.ProviderPath -Recurse } |
? { Test-BaseTemplate -Item $_ -TemplateItem (Get-Item master: -ID "$([Sitecore.XA.Foundation.LocalDatasources.Templates+DatasourceConfigurations]::ID)") } )
foreach($datacourceConfigRoot in $datacourceConfigRoots)
if(Test-Path "$datacourceConfigRoot\$($component.Name)"){
Write-Host "Configuration Exists - aborting"
$datasourceConfiguration = New-Item -Path $datacourceConfigRoot.ProviderPath -Name "$($component.Name)" -ItemType ((Get-Item master: -ID "$([Sitecore.XA.Foundation.LocalDatasources.Templates+DatasourceConfiguration]::ID)").Paths.Path)
$datasourceConfiguration.DatasourceTemplate = $datasourceTemplate.Paths.Path
$datasourceConfiguration.CompatibleRenderings = $component

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@Refactored Refactored commented Sep 29, 2017

Thanks Adam for this, very helpful. Minor change/suggestion to this script:

# set insert options
Add-ToStandardValues -Template $datasourceFolderTemplate -InsertTemplates $datasourceFolderTemplate
Add-ToStandardValues -Template $datasourceFolderTemplate -InsertTemplates $datasourceTemplate

In the example above, this ensures that child Promo Folders and Promos are set via Insert Options.

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