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Adil Khan AdilKhn

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CPU: Amd Ryzen 3900x
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AdilKhn / rxjs-promise.js
Created May 24, 2017 20:44
Gist Describing rxjs with promise.
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const Rx = require('rxjs/Rx');
const request = require('request');
const stdin = process.openStdin();
function prompt() {
stdin.write('\n\nEnter github id: ' );
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# fresh-chrome
# Use this script on OS X to launch a new instance of Google Chrome
# with its own empty cache, cookies, and user configuration.
# The first time you run this script, it will launch a new Google
# Chrome instance with a permanent user-data directory, which you can
# customize below. Perform any initial setup you want to keep on every