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Created December 28, 2018 00:00
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Findem Functionality for looking up a list of Twitter Accounts via the Twitter API for the Twitz app.
var findemCmd = &cobra.Command{
Use: "findem",
Short: "A brief description of your command",
Long: `A longer description that spans multiple lines and likely contains examples
and usage of using your command. For example:
Cobra is a CLI library for Go that empowers applications.
This application is a tool to generate the needed files
to quickly create a Cobra application.`,
Run: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {
fmt.Println("Starting Twitter Information Retrieval.")
completedTwitterList := buildTwitterList()
fmt.Printf("Getting Twitter details for: \n%s", completedTwitterList)
accessToken, err := getBearerToken(viper.GetString("consumer_api_key"), viper.GetString("consumer_api_secret"))
config := &oauth2.Config{}
token := &oauth2.Token{AccessToken: accessToken}
// OAuth2 http.Client will automatically authorize Requests
httpClient := config.Client(context.Background(), token)
// Twitter client
client := twitter.NewClient(httpClient)
// users lookup
userLookupParams := &twitter.UserLookupParams{ScreenName: completedTwitterList}
users, _, _ := client.Users.Lookup(userLookupParams)
fmt.Printf("\n\nUsers:\n%+v\n", users)
howManyUsersFound := len(users)
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