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Make the Fuel net global value negative each tier
This will sound strange and counterintuitive at first, so I will explain further, but first I want to make something clear
to be sure that we are on the same page.
To make it easier on a gameplay basis, I only consider fuel as a basic thing, that is "amount of energy per weight unit".
I think that things like fuel efficency and maximun power output are more a generator/reactor problem. So moving on.
Some people are cautious about a tier based system, as if it is not controlled it will cause powercreep (
In my proposal, i want to address this problem from a different perspective as what other people have made.
So what is this? It is to make the net value of fuel negative each time you advance a tier,
this is that the total amount of energy per tier, is less than the sum of the energy of the previous tier
+ the energy/material required to create the next tier. So it would be a net loss.
For example, you have a fuel that has 1 energy, and to make the next tier you use 10 units of that fuel
per unit of the next tier, but the resultant fuel has 8 energy per unit.
Or you have some fuel that has 200 energy per unit, and to get to the next tier you have to use a machine for 100 energy,
for the next tier that has a energy value of 280 per unit.
Now the big question: Why?
This kind of system would make every tier of fuel important, at every point of the gameplay.
As you essentially lose power everytime you advance a tier, you would only want to do it when your energy necesities require it.
This is easier to demonstrate on a ship, as fuel adds weight, and as so, it adds fuel consumption to it, so it organically
creates a mechanic when you want to balance your energy necesities, against your energy production,
to be as efficient as posible.
But this also adds to stations/bases, as now the arent simply static ships because of lore, but they are also mechanicly static,
as it is more efficient to use drones/ships or to create comercial lines to recolect fuel and materials, instead of
having a big factory/capital ship that does everything.
Stations don't have to move, so the weight factor of the fuel doesn't influence them as much, but you at least want to
have a minimun tier depending of your necesities, as you don't want your station to be 90% fuel tanks, making it
a esier target for destruction.
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