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Learning and developing

Ahmed Helal AhmedHelalAhmed

Learning and developing
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AhmedHelalAhmed / product_style
Created Apr 14, 2020 — forked from atomjar/product_style
Stylesheet for Vue Mastery's Intro to Vue course
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body {
font-family: tahoma;
margin: 0px;
.nav-bar {
background: linear-gradient(-90deg, #84CF6A, #16C0B0);
height: 60px;
margin-bottom: 15px;
AhmedHelalAhmed /
Created Apr 9, 2020 — forked from letanure/
VueJS Best Practices Guide

Deverus Vue.js Style Guide

Guide for developing Vue.js applications.

v. 0.0.1

Vue.js is an amazing framework, which can be as powerful as Angular or React, the two big heavy hitters in the world of front-end frameworks.

However, most of Vue's ease-of-use is due to the use of Observables - a pattern that triggers re-renders and other function calls with the reassignment of a variable.

AhmedHelalAhmed /
Created Jan 23, 2020 — forked from msurguy/
List of open source projects made with Laravel

Other people's projects:

My projects (tutorials are on my blog at

AhmedHelalAhmed / .php_cs
Created Jan 16, 2020 — forked from zaratedev/.php_cs
The config .php_cs example
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return PhpCsFixer\Config::create()
'@PSR2' => true,
'array_indentation' => true,
'array_syntax' => array('syntax' => 'short'),
'combine_consecutive_unsets' => true,
'method_separation' => true,
'no_multiline_whitespace_before_semicolons' => true,
'single_quote' => true,

VSCode Shortcuts

List of helpful shortcuts for faster coding

If you have any other helpful shortcuts, feel free to add in the comments of this gist :)

Official List of all commands

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"Console Log": {
"prefix": "cl",
"body": "console.log($1);",
"description": "Console Log"
"Named Function": {
"prefix": "nfn",
"body": ["function ${1:functionName}($2) {", " $3", "}"],
"description": "Named Function"
AhmedHelalAhmed / Cors.php
Created Mar 31, 2019 — forked from drewjoh/Cors.php
Laravel CORS Middleware
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<?php // /app/Http/Middleware/Cors.php
namespace App\Http\Middleware;
use Closure;
class Cors {
public function handle($request, Closure $next)
return $next($request)
AhmedHelalAhmed / phonePrefixCodesWithCountry.php
Created Mar 19, 2019 — forked from grexlort/phonePrefixCodesWithCountry.php
List of phone prefix codes with country in PHP array format prefix => country +xxx
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// data from
$array = [
'44' => 'UK (+44)',
'1' => 'USA (+1)',
'213' => 'Algeria (+213)',
'376' => 'Andorra (+376)',
'244' => 'Angola (+244)',
'1264' => 'Anguilla (+1264)',
'1268' => 'Antigua & Barbuda (+1268)',
AhmedHelalAhmed / countries.php
Created Mar 19, 2019 — forked from josephilipraja/countries.php
List of Countries with Country code & Telephone (Dial) Code as a PHP Array. Bonus: PHP function to list all Countries as HTML Select Tag Options with their 2 character Country code as values
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$countryArray = array(
'AE'=>array('name'=>'UNITED ARAB EMIRATES','code'=>'971'),
'AG'=>array('name'=>'ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA','code'=>'1268'),
'AN'=>array('name'=>'NETHERLANDS ANTILLES','code'=>'599'),
AhmedHelalAhmed / PHP Countries Array
Created Mar 19, 2019 — forked from DHS/PHP Countries Array
PHP array of all country names
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$countries = array("Afghanistan", "Albania", "Algeria", "American Samoa", "Andorra", "Angola", "Anguilla", "Antarctica", "Antigua and Barbuda", "Argentina", "Armenia", "Aruba", "Australia", "Austria", "Azerbaijan", "Bahamas", "Bahrain", "Bangladesh", "Barbados", "Belarus", "Belgium", "Belize", "Benin", "Bermuda", "Bhutan", "Bolivia", "Bosnia and Herzegowina", "Botswana", "Bouvet Island", "Brazil", "British Indian Ocean Territory", "Brunei Darussalam", "Bulgaria", "Burkina Faso", "Burundi", "Cambodia", "Cameroon", "Canada", "Cape Verde", "Cayman Islands", "Central African Republic", "Chad", "Chile", "China", "Christmas Island", "Cocos (Keeling) Islands", "Colombia", "Comoros", "Congo", "Congo, the Democratic Republic of the", "Cook Islands", "Costa Rica", "Cote d'Ivoire", "Croatia (Hrvatska)", "Cuba", "Cyprus", "Czech Republic", "Denmark", "Djibouti", "Dominica", "Dominican Republic", "East Timor", "Ecuador", "Egypt", "El Salvador", "Equatorial Guinea", "Eritrea", "Estonia", "Ethiopia", "Falkland Island