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List of open source projects made with Laravel

Other people's projects:

My projects (tutorials are on my blog at

Please add more projects in comments, I'll update the Gist!

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Hey there! I'm developing a new modern PHP CMS with the Laravel framework. It's in the early stages, but the Alpha has been released and available for downloads:

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Hey there , Any body who has used single landing page to build an application with Laravel .Please I need to see the structure how to link one page to another page. As most websites are built in single landing page.

Please share with me the project if you have.Bit struggling

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I am developing on a simple and fast, privately hosted music streaming server, named LeafPlayer. It enables you to access your private music collection from anywhere where there's internet access. Backend is built using Lumen 5.4, frontend is VueJS.

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A Powerful Laravel Help Desk and Lead Management App

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jsdecena commented Aug 26, 2017

@msurguy Laravel buit e-commerce application

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vino3 commented Aug 30, 2017


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xoco70 commented Oct 16, 2017

@msurguy Kendozone. Tournament Manager :

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ermst4r commented Nov 9, 2017

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B2B Marketplace Script is a powerfull and affordable web solution, developed by our team using Open source Laravel Framework. Equiped with tons of features, fully customizable, user friendly interface, that can
help you to start a full featured B2B Marketplace portal without having any coding language or without interfering
the codes of the script.

With the growing internet useses, it has been analysed and declared that web promotions gives more effective result
than any other digital promotions, so every seller, manufacturer or supplier wants to promote their product online for

So, B2B Marketplace script is build in a manner, so that a user can manage and control their listing easily. If you are thiking to strat a B2B Marketplace portal, it would be the best solution for earning revenue massively from advertiser.

For more information check the link below

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xoco70 commented Feb 2, 2018

@msurguy Laravel tournament. Tournament trees generator :

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Please update the list, most of the links are broken

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anyone know video call with laravel

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HI all...can i have a complete employee employer HR system?

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Hi, can you add Bagisto - Open Source Laravel eCommerce in the list. Here's the Git link:

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Meet TastyIgniter - Open source restaurant online food ordering, reservation and management solution developed using Laravel.

Supports multiple locations, fully customizable and extensible.

Source -
Learn more -

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mr-bipolar commented Feb 19, 2019

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ashu555 commented Mar 8, 2019

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rssysanddevops commented Apr 5, 2019

Laravel Smart Expense Keeping System
!!! Laravel Project Special Discount !!!

  • 40+ hours of Training
  • 200+ Videos
  • 85% OFF
    Complete Bussiness flow and tutorials here

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tuandm commented May 29, 2019

Admin dashboard built by Laravel + VueJS:
Demo here

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URL shortener web application based on the Laravel PHP Framework.

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ammannbe commented Jul 7, 2019

Cookbook Webapp to manage your recipes like a chef

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ULEARN - LMS script built on Laravel 5.8

  • An application similar to udemy with all the basic features that needed for Learning Management System(LMS), which is completely available as an open source at GitHub.

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Hello Sir. The link you provided is no longer available . Please share the latest link

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An eCommerce ready to use

What it offers

Open Source
Social Media Integration
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Manufacturers
Your Own Style
Multi Language
Multi Currency
Product Reviews
Product Ratings
Downloadable Products
Automatic Image Resizing
Multiple Tax Rates
Related Products
Search Engine Optimization
Wish Lists
Products Suggestions
Products Grouping
Addresses Book
User Profiles (Sellers & Buyers)
Produducts barcode
Administrative Panel (wpanel)
Users Orders list with action status (process, Placed, Cancel, Rated)
Products Rate
Products Reviews
Virtual Products (products key download integrated)
Free Products Module
Users Points
Virtual Products Delivery
Dinamic Products Features
Company Profile
Shopping Cart
Users preferences control
Users Notifications
Company Info CMS
Products search suggestion

I think the link is broken, will you please fix this ?
Thank You

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Self-hosted help desk & shared mailbox. Open source alternative to Zendesk and Help Scout.

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Dynamic Photo

Dynamic Photo is a package to assist in integration with CKEditor, a powerful WYSIWYG. With the package it is possible to send photos dynamically to the server and display them.

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Laravel Interview Questions Wiki is the largest Laravel Interview Questions Wiki (Its being maintained by me.)

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Admiko commented Feb 24, 2021

Free Laravel 8 Admin Panel Builder

  • Build your next Laravel Admin panel in minutes!
  • Save a huge amount of time
  • No coding required


Admin Panel Builder

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Looking for feedback on our open source project called Family Tree 365. It is a free family tree builder website application with DNA matching. It is written in Laravel 8 using PHP for the backend API and written in Vue Javascript for the frontend using the Nuxt framework. It has many features but it is not completed yet. Looking for any ideas, feedback, or even contributions are welcome if anyone is interested in helping a new genealogy project. If you have a GitHub account please star the repositories.

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Kindly add these:

Opensoruce Laravel eCommerce:

Opensource Larave CRM:

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