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fun <T> BaseObservable.bindable(initialValue: T, propertyId: Int): BindableProperty<T> {
return BindableProperty<T>(initialValue, this)
class BindableProperty<T>(initialValue: T,
private val observable: BaseObservable) : ObservableProperty<T>(initialValue) {
private var propertyId: Int = 0
override fun beforeChange(property: KProperty<*>, oldValue: T, newValue: T): Boolean {
return oldValue != newValue
override fun afterChange(property: KProperty<*>, oldValue: T, newValue: T) {
operator fun provideDelegate(observable: BaseObservable, property: KProperty<*>): BindableProperty<T> {
propertyId = PropertyMapper.bindableResourceIdForKProperty(property)
return this
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