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Last active Sep 8, 2022
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GSoC'22 Final Work Submisstion by AkMo3

Google Summer of Code 2022 | National Resource For Network Biology

Student Information

List of new features

  1. Ring Charts

    • Title: Icon actions to create ring visualizations of top 5 results. The number and chart type can be changed using chart settings.
    • PR: cytoscape/enrichment-table-app#88
  2. Redundancy filter

  3. Evidence codes filter

    • Title: g:Profiler provides evidence codes along with the results. These would be useful to filter by for users who want to focus on strong evidenced results, for example.
    • PR: cytoscape/enrichment-table-app#81
  4. Predict Gene Column And Species ID

    • Title: Use network table to predict species of the network/pathways by processing certain columns. Use cytoscape APIs to predict gene id column.
    • PR: cytoscape/enrichment-table-app#85
  5. Reciprocal Node Selection

  6. Enrichment Map generation functionality

  7. New Logging Mechanism

    • Title: Implement new logging mechanism for users to provide error history from cytoscape task history that can be easily debugged by developers.
    • PR: cytoscape/enrichment-table-app#78
  8. User documentation

Bug Fixes:

  1. Improve P-Value sorting and display as scientific notation
  2. Improve code style and error handling
  3. New github action to update jar in main branch on every push.

Github Links:

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