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Google Summer of Code 2021 - Work Product

Google Summer of Code 2021 - Zulip

This is a report of work done by me on Zulip Mobile for the summer of 2021, under the Google Summer of Code Mentorship Program.

This was a very insightful experience for me and I learned a lot of things about the day to day life of a software engineer, and what goes into building and maintaining a software product.

Brief of my work during GSoC

My work during the summer involved

  • The completion and enhancement of the Share to Zulip functionality that was partially completed during the summer of 2020 as a GSoC project by another student.
  • Work on changing the Notification UI for the app, to be more user friendly.
  • Implementation of Deep Linking feature with which the app can be opened from a URL.
  • Fetching Message data when a notification is recieved.
  • Work on improving action sheets (logic and features).
  • Work on improving search feature.
  • Bug fixes.

Merged PRs during GSoC

Open PRs at this Point of Time

All my PRs (latest) are available here

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