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const user = {
_firstName: 'Akash',
_lastName: 'Rajvanshi'
Object.defineProperty(user, 'name', {
get: function() {
return `I am ${this._firstName} ${this._lastName}`;
set: function(value) {
console.log('Setting Name To : %s', value); // When setting another value to _firstName -> "Setting Name To : Abha"
this._firstName = value;
enumerable: false,
configurable: false
// Enumerable
console.log('name' in user) // true
console.log(user.propertyIsEnumerable('name')) // false
// Configurable
console.log('name' in user) // true
// Getter function
console.log( // I am Akash Rajvanshi
// Setter function = 'Abha'
console.log( // I am Abha Rajvanshi
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