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Last active June 24, 2019 07:55
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Basically a starting point of hiding channels and blocking users in Slack
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
let hiddenChannels = ['general']
let blockedUsers = ['Slackbot']
let customCss = `
.p-channel_sidebar__static_list div[role="listitem"]:empty { display: none; }
hiddenChannels.concat(blockedUsers).forEach(it => {
customCss += `a[aria-label~="${it}"] { display: none; }\n`
let s = document.createElement('style');
s.type = 'text/css';
s.innerHTML = customCss;
let remover = function () {
setTimeout(function () {
hiddenChannels.forEach(it => {
document.querySelectorAll(`a[aria-label~="${it}"]`).forEach(it => it.remove());
blockedUsers.forEach(it => {
document.querySelectorAll(`a[aria-label~="${it}"]`).forEach(it => it.parentNode.remove());
}, 250);
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Akii commented Jun 24, 2019

Yes, I know. You might think: if you need this, something is wrong with your organisation. And maybe that's true. I just don't care and want more control about what I'm exposing myself to on Slack.

How to install:
Append Gist contents to this file: /Applications/

How it works:
It just adds some CSS and removes DOM elements. That means, you have to mute the channel you want to hide (usually, that's general). Regarding users: It will not hide notifications correctly. Not sure what to do about that yet.

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