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Akshat Jain - Google Summer of Code '18 Submission Report

GSoC 2018 Final Submission Report


SUSI (Scientific User Support Intelligence) project is a very useful project, consisting of various client services and various bots for innumerable services. It not only allows you to give various commands to retrieve information, but also to test and add your own commands to its skill set.

I have contributed to several SUSI.AI projects of FOSSASIA within the GSoC 2018 period. My contributions to various SUSI repositories have been listed below:

1. SUSI.AI Web Chat:

I have contributed towards the SUSI.AI Web Client repo by implementing a lot of new features in the SUSI.AI Web Client. I have also added rendering tests for most React components used in the project.


Devices Tab YouTube Autoplay Feature
Username on Topbar Rendering Tests

2. SUSI.AI Server:

I have also contributed towards the SUSI.AI Server repo by implementing a lot of endpoints required for various functionalities on the Client side, as per the needs of the project.


API for adding new device API for removing user devices
API for fetching ratings by a user on different Skills API for changing status of a Skill
API for fetching Skills by an author using author's email API for fetching device info of all users along with other user data
API for deleting user accounts API for fetching Skill stats along with other Skill info

3. SUSI.AI Skill CMS:

I have also contributed to the SUSI Skill CMS repo by implementing various new features in the Admin Panel and overall enhancement of the website. I have also added rendering tests for most React components used in the project.


Changing status of any Skill from Admin Panel Rendering Tests

4. SUSI.AI Accounts:

I have also contributed to the SUSI.AI Accounts repo by implementing new features and fixing bugs to enhance the overall user experience.

Blog Posts

All blogs posted till date can be found on FOSSASIA's Blog website:


All the scrums written in the GSoC period can be found here.



Additional Links

Thank you FOSSASIA for this amazing experience.

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