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  • postcss-import — PostCSS plugin to transform @import rules by inlining content.
  • postcss-nested — PostCSS plugin to unwrap nested rules like how Sass does it.
  • postcss-for — PostCSS plugin that enables @for loop syntax in your CSS.
  • postcss-css-variables — PostCSS plugin to transform CSS Custom Properties (CSS variables) syntax into a static representation.
  • postcss-custom-media — PostCSS plugin to transform W3C CSS Custom Media Queries syntax to more compatible CSS.
  • postcss-inline-svg — PostCSS plugin to reference an SVG file and control its attributes with CSS syntax.
  • postcss-assets — PostCSS Assets is an asset manager for CSS.
  • postcss-brand-colors — PostCSS plugin to insert branding colors of all the major companies.
  • postcss-color-function — PostCSS plugin to transform W3C CSS color function to more compatible CSS.
  • autoprefixer — PostCSS plugin to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from Can I Use.
  • cssnano — A modular minifier, built on top of the PostCSS ecosystem.
  • postcss-browser-reporter — PostCSS plugin to report warning messages right in your browser.
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