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Oct 30 Governance Meeting Notes/Takeaways

Attendees: Alanna (leading), Nikki, Tara, Fatima, Lyndsey, Heather, Rachel (7 total)

We need a clear values statement, which should include why this statement is necessary - why not having one is adversely affecting the community and what the purpose is.

Instead of worrying about getting the whole community on board, the statment should reflect how things are going forward, full stop.

We need a very clear CoC, which should include as much as we possibly can (look at examples like Geek Feminism)(most agreed to this, one did not) to be clear so there is no question what is not allowed and what the consequences will be. Use language like "includes but is not limited to"

Implementation details to be worked out later (do you agree to CoC by creating a d.o account? downloading Drupal? etc)

It is also important that the CoC not be worded in a way that it can be applied differently to different people. There should be tiered consequences appropriate for the action.

We should have some kind of mechanism for changing and improving the governance systems we put in place, so that they don't become stale or malfunction when something comes up. We are a community that practices agile development, so why not extend the process to include our governance? It should be flexible & resilient.

Reach out to other communities - what have they dealt with? How? What are gaps and strengths? There must be things that we can learn from other similar communities. Maybe we could start a team to work on this.

Transcripts and schedule:

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