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Safety of disabling services in Windows 10

These settings apply to a normal, functioning Windows 10 Pro desktop with

  • wired Ethernet
  • Bluetooth
  • IPv6
  • no Wi-Fi
  • no touch screen

Safe to disable

Display Name Name Notes
Adobe Acrobat Update Service AdobeARMservice
Adobe Genuine Monitor Service AGMService CC sometimes fails to load Apps tab when this service is disabled.
Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service AGSService
AdobeUpdateService AdobeUpdateService
Auto Time Zone Updater tzautoupdate
AVCTP service BthAvctpSvc Might be needed for Bluetooth audio devices, but not other BT devices like game controllers.
Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service BTAGService Needed for Your Phone "Calls" feature, but not other BT devices like game controllers.
Bluetooth Driver Management Service BcmBtRSupport Third-party service for Broadcom Bluetooth adapters, not required for BT connections.
Certificate Propagation CertPropSvc
Connected Devices Platform Service CDPSvc Needed for Night Light.
Connected Devices Platform User Service_* CDPUserSvc_* May only be disabled in registry by setting HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CDPUserSvc_*\Start = 0x4.
Connected User Experiences and Telemetry DiagTrack
Data Usage DusmSvc Shows the "last 30 days" section in Settings › Network & Internet. When disabled, the Windows 11 Settings home screen will always say Disconnected.
Delivery Optimization DoSvc If you have a second Windows 10 computer in the same LAN, they can share Windows Update downloads, reducing your ISP's traffic quota usage.
Device Association Service DeviceAssociationService Needed for Bluetooth.
Device Management Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Push message Routing Service dmwappushservice
Diagnostic Policy Service DPS
Display Enhancement Service DisplayEnhancementService
Display Policy Service DispBrokerDesktopSvc
Geolocation Service lfsvc
IP Helper iphlpsvc Not needed for IPv6.
IPsec Policy Agent PolicyAgent Not needed for IPv6.
Microsoft (R) Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector Service diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service
Microsoft App-V Client AppVClient
Microsoft Storage Spaces SMP smphost Might be needed for Storage Spaces.
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service NetTcpPortSharing
Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup NcdAutoSetup
NVIDIA Display Container LS NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem Only needed to launch Nvidia Control Panel.
OpenSSH Authentication Agent ssh-agent
Payments and NFC/SE Manager SEMgrSvc
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience QWAVE
Radio Management Service RmSvc Might be needed for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Remote Access Connection Manager RasMan
Remote Registry RemoteRegistry
Routing and Remote Access RemoteAccess
Shared PC Account Manager shpamsvc
Smart Card Device Enumeration Service ScDeviceEnum
Sync Host_* OneSyncSvc_* May only be disabled in registry by setting HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\OneSyncSvc_*\Start = 0x4.
Telephony TapiSrv
Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service TabletInputService Needed by Windows Terminal (at least in Windows 11).
User Experience Virtualization Service UevAgentService
Windows Biometric Service WbioSrvc Needed to load Settings › Accounts › Sign-in options and maybe to use fingerprint readers.
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar wcncsvc
WLAN AutoConfig WlanSvc Might be needed for Wi-Fi.

Do not disable

Display Name Name Notes
Bluetooth Support Service bthserv Required for Bluetooth pairing and usage. Can only be disabled if you don't use Bluetooth.
Bluetooth User Support Service_* BluetoothUserService_* Required for Bluetooth pairing and usage. Can only be disabled if you don't use Bluetooth.
Clipboard User Service_* cbdhsvc_* Required to copy screenshots taken using Snip & Sketch (Win+Shift+S).
JetBrains ETW Host Service * JetBrainsEtwHost Required to start Visual Studio if dotTrace is installed.
LGHUB Updater Service LGHUBUpdaterService Required to start Logitech G Hub. Can only be disabled if you have no custom button bindings and are using On-board Memory Mode.
Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service ClickToRunSvc Required to start Office programs, not just install updates.
Network Location Awareness NlaSvc When disabled, network connections can show the wrong state in ncpa.cpl.
VMAuthdService VMware Authorization Service Required to start VMware Workstation guests in Windows 10 host. Optional in Windows 7 host.
Windows Connection Manager Wcmsvc Required for Ethernet page to appear in Settings › Network & Internet.
Windows Push Notifications System Service WpnService Required for Action Center (Win+A) to appear.
Windows Push Notifications User Service_* WpnUserService_* Required for Action Center (Win+A) to appear.

See also

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Windows 11 changes:

  • Web Account Manager (TokenBroker) is required for Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options to load.

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The LGHUB service can be mitigated by using the old LG software. That's what I use. It doesn't get updated any more, but it still has a lot of features and LED configs. It even has a LUA script editor. It does come with a service that can be disabled without any problems. I tried the GHUB and I instantly thought it behaved like data-collecting trash software. The old software is called Logitech Gaming Software.

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Hi @KirkH420, yeah I use Logitech Gaming Software for my Momo steering wheel, it works pretty well. Unfortunately that doesn't support my G502 Hero mouse. I found that enabling On-Board Mode was the best choice for standard usage, as long as you haven't bound any buttons to macros. Another option for privacy is blocking outbound traffic at the firewall. I currently leave G Hub (both service and tray icon app) running in the background because I like having G8 bound to Shift+Click.

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Aldaviva commented Oct 3, 2022

I just realized that there are newer versions of Logitech Gaming Software than what I was familiar with. I was using 5.10 with my steering wheel. I didn't know it was still being updated, I thought it had been abandoned in 2010. The latest version is 9.04. Glad there are alternatives to G Hub.

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KirkH420 commented Oct 4, 2022 via email

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Infernun commented May 19, 2023

CDPSvc, iphlpsvc are required for ipv6?

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Hello @Infernun, I currently have iphlpsvc disabled and IPv6 is working on Windows 10. That service is needed for Teredo and other transition technologies which tunnel or encapsulate IPv6 inside IPv4 traffic for compatibility, but for pure IPv6 from your ISP it's not needed. I believe the same applies to CDPSvc, although I do have that one running for Night Light.

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Infernun commented May 22, 2023

Okay thanks.
Thanks for your contribution.

I have problems with IPv6, at the beginning of starting the computer it works. At the time of having the computer started, it loses the linked public IPv6 or it has linked public IPv6 but the connections in ipv6 do not work. At it describes what ip help is needed for IPv6, IPv6 still works correctly without ip help.

All the best! Regards
System technique

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Yeah IPv6 can be very brittle depending on which components are being used. Mine was basically broken until I swapped out almost all of my networking hardware.

  • With a Motorola SB6121 cable modem, it would never acquire an IPv6 address, even though my ISP supported IPv6. Fixed by replacing it with a Motorola MB7621.
  • With a TP-Link Archer C7 router, it would fail to acquire an IPv6 address when it booted, so you had to manually renew the lease from the admin web page each time it restarted. Fixed by replacing it with a TP-Link Archer AX20.

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Infernun commented May 22, 2023

Hellow, thanks!

I will follow some of your recommendations. I like to use the windows drivers but, I will install the network drivers.
I am using two Cat 7 cable modem. One for the Ubiquiti ONT and another for the TP-Link AX 53. Good buy for the AX20, worse is the AX53 depending on what you need..
I have an archer AX53 xD! It seems that this latest firmware may be failing? I have configured IPv6 on lan by DHCP with a release time of 86400 to avoid IPv6 loss problems.

All the best! Regards
System technique

Edit: After half an hour it seems to still work.

  • Reset in netsh winsock, ip and ipv6. Network reset in Network and Internet
  • Change router to security DNS v4 and v6 from Cloudflare
  • Update network Drivers
  • Reset Firewall rules and switch to private network profile. Do not activate "block all incoming connections"

Edit2: Finally the problem is the internet company. Looking at the log of the router releases the central the IPv6. Recommended to disable tereo and ip6to4

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Hi, how long.

You have updated the list.

I've done my own work, I can share my .reg file if it helps, it's clean just with dword start. At my own job I can't get the store to work, I can't find the necessary service. I plan to continue working on it.

The office service can be put in manual, although the task scheduler activates it in time.

Can this help? In my search I have found that to be able to use smart cards over the internet (In Spain national identity document) and other certificates:
-Smart cards
-Certificate propagation
-CNG key isolation
-Microsoft Passport container? I don't know
-IPsec key creation module for IKE? I don't know

For the store I know:
-Automatic update of the time
-Account assistant
-Web account manager

Good job. Greetings

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