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ReactiveConf - Lightning talk - Delightful Drag and Drop for complex interactive UIs


Vojtech Prikryl (@productboard)

Delightful Drag and Drop for complex interactive UIs

Drag and Drop is undoubtedly one of the most popular and user-friendly interactions in software nowadays. There are plenty awesome libraries for DnD in React realm, covering most of the use cases. We tried them all at productboard, but realized we need something special for complex interfaces we are building. We developed our own solution that satisfied three main requirements we had:

  1. Delightful user experience 🤩
  2. Great performance even for large datasets 🏎
  3. Reusability of already existing code 🔌

In this lightning talk, I will explain why we decided to develop our own solution, what have we achieved, and how other developers can benefit from the knowledge we acquired. And most importantly - We are excited to open-source the tools we created and announce it at conference!

Questions? Ideas? Your experience with Drag and Drop? Reach me out on Twitter:

Demo (click for full version)


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