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Alexander T AleXoundOS

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AleXoundOS / ubootRock64.nix
Created Feb 8, 2020
uboot nix derivation for Rock64 with CONFIG_BAUDRATE=115200
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{ lib, buildUBoot, fetchFromGitHub, armTrustedFirmwareRK3328 }:
rkbin = fetchFromGitHub {
owner = "ayufan-rock64";
repo = "rkbin";
rev = "f79a708978232a2b6b06c2e4173c5314559e0d3a";
sha256 = "0h7xm4ck3p3380c6bqm5ixrkxwcx6z5vysqdwvfa7gcqx5d6x5zz";
in buildUBoot {
extraMakeFlags = [ "all" "u-boot.itb" ];
AleXoundOS / find-fixed-outputs.nix
Last active Sep 27, 2019 — forked from LnL7/find-fixed-outputs.nix
Find fixed output derivations
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# Copyright (c) 2003-2019 Eelco Dolstra, Daiderd Jordan, Alexander Tomokhov and
# the Nixpkgs/NixOS contributors.
# This work is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.
# For a copy, see <>.
# This expression returns a list of all fixed output derivations used by ‘expr’.
# eg.
# $ nix-instantiate find-fixed-outputs.nix --eval --strict --json --arg expr '(import <nixpkgs> {}).hello'
AleXoundOS / shell.nix
Last active Apr 6, 2019
nix shell configuration for building stack project with zlib dependency using binary GHC distribution
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with (import <nixpkgs> {});
buildInputs = [haskell.compiler.ghc822Binary pkgconfig zlib];
in stdenv.mkDerivation {
name = "myUsbZlibEnv";
inherit buildInputs;
# For unknown reason cannot be found for linking without this
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