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DevOps Flow Series, part 2 of 4
Simple database deployments with GitHub and SSDT
For many of us, database deployments are time consuming, painful and risky.
The automated deployment of applications, and even servers, is now ubiquitous
- but most of us have not applied the same principles to our databases.
In this demo heavy session, we'll script out our database source code locally
using SSDT and commit it to GitHub. Then we'll build it automatically upon
commit, and deploy it at the click of a button with GitHub Actions.
We'll also discuss some of the common blockers and how they can be resolved.
For example, we'll discuss shared development databases, branching plans, testing and
masking production data for development.
You'll leave this session with a better understanding of how to deliver
working software more regularly and more reliably, enabling you to respond
better to business demands.
Simple Abstract:
100% demos: We will create a new public repository in GitHub, script out a
database using SSDT, and set up an automated GitHub Action to deploy our database.
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