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🦋 Rakudo Weekly (from ≈2017-10-08T12:02:03 to ≈2017-10-15T13:58:37)

Open tickets before: 1669
Open tickets after: 1664
Number of tickets touched: 88

Resolved tickets (34)

[resolved] RT #77754  Null PMC access when calling .perl on in Rakudo
[resolved] RT #122345 Returning from a parameter list default counts as returning 'outside of any Routine' in Rakudo on Moar
[resolved] RT #124660 Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-other/pairs-as-lvalues.t line:10 reason: [NYI]
[resolved] RT #125336 Weird infinite ranges: Inf..0, -Inf..0 and NaN..0
[resolved] RT #125653 A promise returned by Proc::Async.start will never be kept or broken if the process is killed by the current process
[resolved] RT #125813 Malformed UTF-8 (string out of bounds) with “say ('a' x 10000)”
[resolved] RT #125902 error message “Type 'Str' is not declared” (my Str where 'foo' $test;)
[resolved] RT #126927 Spurious warning when trying to smartmatch num64 against Num in Rakudo
[resolved] RT #127341 error message mentions $!tai (∞) )
[resolved] RT #127973 native strings not allowed to be as big as regular strings
[resolved] RT #128000 Feature Request: Pointer Arithmetic
[resolved] RT #128321 Int.Capture is empty
[resolved] RT #129845 `.dir` returns corrupted `IO::Path`s under concurrent load
[resolved] RT #130107 unkown system error 0 via Proc::Async
[resolved] RT #130285 Unhealthy overflow in .head and .tail with huge negative numbers ( (4,5,6).tail(-9999999999999999999) )
[resolved] RT #131490 Crash in Junction:D.BUILDALL `This type (Scalar) does not support elems`
[resolved] RT #131515 Performance loss in some commits
[resolved] RT #131763 Merged output of Proc::Async does not work (whenever $proc { … })
[resolved] RT #131783 :delete holes in Arrays get turned to Mus when coercing to List or Slip
[resolved] RT #131855 Mix.roll doesn't work with fractional weights
[resolved] RT #131924 \n\r and string concatenation improvements
[resolved] RT #132016 Supply.merge and signals ( signal(SIGTERM).merge(signal(SIGINT)) )
[resolved] RT #132042 Concurrently calling `say` can cause Rakudo to hang
[resolved] RT #132082 "is default(Mu)" parse failure when used on attribute
[resolved] RT #132216 'a' coll 'A" not Same but More with disabled tertiary and primary levels
[resolved] RT #132220 Build broken on Windows
[resolved] RT #132236 Meta object construction
[resolved] RT #132254 $*OUT.tell always gives 0
[resolved] RT #132261 Unclear what a hole in a List is
[resolved] RT #132279 BagHash.grab with huge values (("foo" => 10000000000000000000).BagHash.grab(1))
[resolved] RT #132285 Error message talks about null strings when trying to create a num32 Blob (Blob[num32].new(2e0))
[resolved] RT #132288 .tail with large negative arguments (say (4,5,6).tail(-9999999999999999999))
[resolved] RT #132293 It is no longer possible to create native ints with .new (
[resolved] RT #132295 :2(…) radix syntax no longer suggests using .base (:2(42))

Half-resolved (tests needed) (2)

[TESTNEEDED] RT #129787 die/CATCH inside a start-block with a channel heisenbugs
[TESTNEEDED] RT #131626 ≥ and ≤  are 36x slower than Texas version; ≠ is 15x slower

Updated tickets (26)

      [updated] RT #114124 open () error message is [LTA]
 [new→rejected] RT #124785 S32-io/dir.t line:16 reason: 'entries are still IO::Path'
 [new→rejected] RT #124786 S32-io/dir.t line:18 reason: 'dirname is not yet absolute'
      [updated] RT #125466 [@LARRY] bitwise shift is inconsistent on int
      [updated] RT #126857 Bogus array subsignature in declaration `my ([$a]);` binds variable to VMNull
     [new→open] RT #127145 explicitly-manage is doing something un thread-safe apparently
      [updated] RT #127162 Plural parameter names are alowed in .later and .earlier but not in .new ( => 2016))
      [updated] RT #127330 10_000 lines with 「say ‘a’;」 take 16 seconds to run
     [new→open] RT #127865 Throwing a control exception within Lock.protect causes [LTA] locking behavior
      [updated] RT #128520 Consider migrating from RT
      [updated] RT #129790 Giving a sub to a map fails
     [new→open] RT #130205 Weird parsing of q:w with matching delimiters when same delimiters appear inside
     [new→open] RT #130363 [@LARRY] there's no match for Any aka /./ codegens differently from m/./ 
      [updated] RT #130713 42.expmod(-1,1) hangs
      [updated] RT #131041 Use of Nil in string context
      [updated] RT #131102 state variables are no longer working as expected in regex code blocks (/^  /)
      [updated] RT #131300 MoarVM panic if you check for membership in undefined Set
      [updated] RT #131722 Map and containerization (my %m :=‘a’, ‘X’); %m = 42)
      [updated] RT #131925 Smartmatch against `m//` operator mishandles junctions
      [updated] RT #131966 Shaped native arrays with negative sizes (my int @a[-9999999999999999])
     [new→open] RT #132012 Numeric values of signals are wrong (say +SIGUSR1)
      [updated] RT #132104 EvalServer leaks threads and memory when using Proc::Async
     [new→open] RT #132225 segmentation fault while concurrently updating SetHash
     [new→open] RT #132226 "impossible" undefined value in concurrent ENTER phasers
[open→rejected] RT #132242 Proc::Async running with yes command returns superfluous output and hangs
     [new→open] RT #132246 .pick and .roll return incorrect results for object hashes

New tickets (26)

    [open] RT #132248 Z Metaoperator bug
     [new] RT #132249 use lib ‘’ spills guts (use lib ‘’)
     [new] RT #132250 require ‘’ suggests ‘.’ but that makes no sense (require ‘’)
     [new] RT #132251 Curly quotes not supported in postfix call syntax (“bar”() )
     [new] RT #132258 `run "perl6" ...` can be made to execute shell commands
    [open] RT #132262 Quote braid misses Main braid's language change due to new ops
    [open] RT #132268 Floating point anomalies
     [new] RT #132269 JIT removing loop construct and confusing last()
     [new] RT #132273 while running t/spec/S17-supply/supplier-preserving.t
[rejected] RT #132275 a Promise using a `temp`ed variable gets untemped version
     [new] RT #132280 Cool methods that take and pass a Capture are uber slower (.contains: 'meow' for ^10000_00)
     [new] RT #132281 .gist of a bag used to say “bag()”, now it says “Bag()” ("blogger".comb.Bag)
     [new] RT #132282 Weird “Cannot find method 'gist'” problem
    [open] RT #132283 BUILDALL is listed as one of the methods, maybe that's not right (say $foo.^methods)
     [new] RT #132284 .gist of a Map was arguably better in the past (say‘a’ => ‘b’))
    [open] RT #132287 stall/block in async heavy code
     [new] RT #132289 Lost line number in Proc::Async's “no such file or directory” error
     [new] RT #132290 .gist of a Method does not always show the its .name  (.say for .^methods)
     [new] RT #132291 Too few positionals passed to '' (for [:a] X [:b] -> ($i, $j) { })
     [new] RT #132292 Recursively .emit-ing from the tap of the same supply bails out
     [new] RT #132294 INTERPOLATE-related change made matching of large strings slower
     [new] RT #132300 say nqp::getlexdyn('&DEPRECATED')
    [open] RT #132302 Str.trans grabs callers $/ for unknown reason
     [new] RT #132305 In some cases ‘Numeric’ uniprop returns “Lower” but it should be “None” instead (say ‘a’.uniprop(‘Numeric’))
     [new] RT #132306 parameters, even if unused, make stuff slower ( f1($a, $, $, $, $, $) vs f2($a, $b, $c, $d, $e, $f) )
     [new] RT #132307 Slurpy positionals cause type constraints to be ignored on named args
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