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🦋 Rakudo 2xWeekly report (From ≈2017-10-15T13:58:37 to ≈2017-10-29T13:13:12)

Open tickets before: 1710
Open tickets after: 1720
Number of tickets touched: 80

Resolved tickets (23)

[resolved] RT#122789 `.subst` does not work inside BEGIN block ($/ is set too late)
[resolved] RT#126479 IO::Handle Supply is never done
[resolved] RT#126597 .race.grep(...) and .hyper.grep(...) produce an empty sequence
[resolved] RT#126721 $/ in closure arg of subst
[resolved] RT#127452 hyper is very broken, *sometimes* it returns nothing
[resolved] RT#128084 `.hyper/` produces an empty sequence if `&f` is a multi-sub
[resolved] RT#129234 `.hyper` and `.race` resume after exceptions
[resolved] RT#129291 problems when run()ning two procs and passing the :out of one to the :in of the other
[resolved] RT#130576 .race & .hyper break [+] (1..100)
[resolved] RT#131300 MoarVM panic if you check for membership in undefined Set
[resolved] RT#131865 Looping over a HyperSeq in sink context does nothing (for .hyper { say 2 })
[resolved] RT#132262 Quote braid misses Main braid's language change due to new ops
[resolved] RT#132294 INTERPOLATE-related change made matching of large strings slower
[resolved] RT#132300 say nqp::getlexdyn('&DEPRECATED')
[resolved] RT#132339 =SEE-ALSO pod comment can no longer be parsed (=SEE-ALSO foo)
[resolved] RT#132343 better-sched and other async improvement ecosystem fallout
[resolved] RT#132346 ≠ is not identical to != in some cases (0 ≠ 0 | 1 or 0 ≠ 0)
[resolved] RT#132349 $*IN.getc not blocking on macOS
  [closed]   GH#1201 Fix p6bindattrinvres for native attributes
  [closed]   GH#1208 Rakudo is not building on Windows
  [closed]   GH#1213 Fix multiple options passed to include specs
  [closed]   GH#1215 "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
  [closed]   GH#1216 Improve "Return outside of routine" error

Half-resolved (tests needed) (3)

[TESTNEEDED] RT#132249 use lib ‘’ spills guts (use lib ‘’)
[TESTNEEDED] RT#132283 BUILDALL is listed as one of the methods, maybe that's not right (say $foo.^methods)
[TESTNEEDED] RT#132328 DBIish tests are failing spectacularly (JIT compilation of native calls)

Updated tickets (28)

     [updated]  RT#69464 1**Inf = NaN on OpenSolaris
     [updated] RT#124088 Unsigned int in highest bit length, stays negative
     [updated] RT#124147 pow edge cases with rakudo-moar on NetBSD
     [updated] RT#124294 uint32 behaving like int64
    [new→open] RT#124527 S05-metasyntax/interpolating-closure.t line:28 reason: 'dunno'
     [updated] RT#124989 :nfkc adverb on quoteforms
     [updated] RT#126490 Control exception handling is inconsistent and broken across backends. (SEGV on moar, CX unrecognized on jvm)
     [updated] RT#127064 Variable interpolation in regex very slow
     [updated] RT#129941 Perl 6 text file line read is much slower than Perl 5
     [updated] RT#130485 » is no longer shuffled (».say)
     [updated] RT#131003 Heap corruption when using Gumbo
     [updated] RT#131149 uint attributes behave like int
     [updated] RT#131481 No perl6-debug
     [updated] RT#131622 Failures don't get sunk when last in for loop
     [updated] RT#131626 ≥ and ≤  are 36x slower than Texas version; ≠ is 15x slower
     [updated] RT#131780 Crash while running test
     [updated] RT#131994 int32 goes crazy on -2147483648 (my int32 $x = -2147483648; say $x * 1.0)
     [updated] RT#132005 --target=parse and : invocant syntax (say 25:)
     [updated] RT#132012 Numeric values of signals are wrong (say +SIGUSR1)
     [updated] RT#132114 t\04-nativecall\21-callback-other-thread.t is flapping on appveyor and travis
     [updated] RT#132149 Some Method objects use wrong .gist method
[new→rejected] RT#132191 Possible rakudo regression (issues with IRC::Client)
     [updated] RT#132268 Floating point anomalies
    [new→open] RT#132269 JIT removing loop construct and confusing last()
[new→rejected] RT#132284 .gist of a Map was arguably better in the past (say‘a’ => ‘b’))
     [updated] RT#132287 stall/block in async heavy code
    [new→open] RT#132290 .gist of a Method does not always show its .name  (.say for .^methods)
    [new→open] RT#132292 Recursively .emit-ing from the tap of the same supply bails out

New tickets (26)

    [open] RT#132313 Rat literal syntax creates Rats with denominators larger than 64 bits
    [open] RT#132316 Crash while running program (MongoDB module)
     [new] RT#132326 Potential issue with `is default` and Promises
    [open] RT#132329 Rat → Num conversion isn’t monotonous
     [new] RT#132335 pure numeric values of address families are not useful enough (, :port(42)) )
     [new] RT#132337 Code block inside `andthen`/`orelse` doesn't close over lexical variables correctly
     [new] RT#132341 table handling should ensure table rows have the same number of cells even if they are empty
     [new] RT#132348 tables should accept an inline comment (Z)
[rejected] RT#132352 Set operators unfriendly to mutable types
     [new] RT#132353 error with using meta assign ops with bound SetHash
    [open]   GH#1199 Make sure bots and other things work OK with rakudo/issues
    [open]   GH#1200 HyperIterables ignore loop phasers
    [open]   GH#1202 Async qqx sometimes hangs or dies ( await (^5).map({start { say qqx{… …} } }) )
    [open]   GH#1203 Would be nice to have an easy way to work with SetHashes and its kin
    [open]   GH#1204 «» with just one variable leaks a slip («$x»)
    [open]   GH#1205 Compound junction-assignement operators cause a hang
    [open]   GH#1206 Can’t override !~, =~, >>, << 
    [open]   GH#1207 Serialization of Hashes parametarized with DefiniteHOW types is busted
    [open]   GH#1209 Most Blob/Buf subtypes are specced, documented, broken and unusable
    [open]   GH#1210 doesn't like big Iterables
    [open]   GH#1211 LTA error with `is rw` defaults in an unpacked slurpy
    [open]   GH#1212 Uninitialized $_ and weird blowage ([$_ xx 2] with 1)
    [open]   GH#1214 Incorrect KEEP / UNDO gets fired under certain exit conditions
    [open]   GH#1217 Use the new nqp::fromI_I in
    [open]   GH#1218 Uncurse work broke Match unpacking with Str() coercer
    [open]   GH#1219 is DEPRECATED doesn't work on Routines in precomped modules
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