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.PHONY: run
# certs and output
# or, if you're using Crosswalk:
# UNSIGNED=platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-armv7-release-unsigned.apk
# create a signed apk
rm -f ${OUTPUT_FILE}
cordova build android --release
jarsigner -verbose -sigalg MD5withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore ${KEYSTORE} -storepass ${KEYPASS} ${UNSIGNED} ${ALIAS}
zipalign -v 4 ${UNSIGNED} ${OUTPUT_FILE}
adb shell am start -n ${PACKAGE}/${PACKAGE}.MainActivity
# install a signed apk on a device
adb install -r ${OUTPUT_FILE}
# monitor logs and filter by package name
adb logcat | grep `adb shell ps | grep ${PACKAGE} | cut -c10-15`
run: sign install execute log

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@swoleengineer swoleengineer commented May 13, 2017



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@swoleengineer swoleengineer commented May 15, 2017

Hey, I keep getting an error with this..

  • Looked up everywhere and can't find how to fix. Even tried modifying the variables to the full directories of each file, both with forward and back slashes.
  • Moved files around and tried doing it again.
  • Nothing
    process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, rm -f InAppPurchases.apk, ...) failed
    make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
    make: *** [sign] Error 2

EDIT: Nevermind... it just doesn't work in CMD.. only works in Git Bash


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@verybluebot verybluebot commented Jul 13, 2019

thanks, very useful. Only one thing:
When you build a release the name of the file is app-release-unsigned.apk, NOT android-release-unsigned.apk

this took a few hours of my life..

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