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Last active Jun 20, 2020
Python script to uncompress all the rar files in the current directory and delete the compressed .rar afterwards. It uses several system subprocesses in parallel to speed-up the process. Also valid if the files are protected with a password. Requires the rarfile ( package
import glob
import multiprocessing
import os
import rarfile
PASSWORD = None # Set to a string if the rar files are protected with a password
def log(msg):

curl exercises

In this gist I'll upload the solutions to the 21 curl exercises proposed by Julia Evans on this blogpost. While curl definitely isn't a life-changing skill, it's a tool that can be really useful once you master it, and considering the low investment that is required it's definitely a good time investment

All the solutions contain the command that needs to be run to solve the exercise; apart from that, some of them will include also the response that we've obtained, or a small explanation about the different arguments of the command that we've used. That will make it easier for people reading this to get a better understanding of the solution.

Exercise 1


Command: curl