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Created April 16, 2020 23:16
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Cloud Dataproc and Druid - initialisation action to enable batch ingest from GCS
set -euxo pipefail
# Override loaded extensions
cat << EOF >> /usr/lib/druid/conf/druid/_common/
# Override
druid.extensions.loadList=["druid-histogram", "druid-datasketches", "druid-lookups-cached-global", "mysql-metadata-storage", "druid-hdfs-storage", "druid-google-extensions"]
# Restart
ROLE=$(/usr/share/google/get_metadata_value attributes/dataproc-role)
if [[ $ROLE == 'Master' ]]; then
systemctl restart druid-router
systemctl restart druid-coordinator
systemctl restart druid-overlord
systemctl restart druid-broker
systemctl restart druid-historical
systemctl restart druid-middle-manager
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