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Scan calendars for OOO
// Set the ID of the team calendar to add events to. You can find the calendar's
// ID on the settings page.
var TEAM_CALENDAR_ID = '*******';
// Set the email address of the Google Group that contains everyone in the team.
// Ensure the group has less than 500 members to avoid timeouts.
var GROUP_EMAIL = '****@****.com';
// Keywords to search and copy events by
var KEYWORDS = ['vacation', 'ooo', 'out of office', 'offline'];
* Setup the script to run automatically every hour.
function setup() {
var triggers = ScriptApp.getProjectTriggers();
if (triggers.length > 0) {
throw new Error('Triggers are already setup.');
// Run the first sync immediately.
* Look through the group members' public calendars and add any
* 'vacation' or 'out of office' events to the team calendar.
function sync() {
// Define the calendar event date range to search.
var today = new Date();
var maxDate = new Date();
maxDate.setMonth(maxDate.getMonth() + MONTHS_IN_ADVANCE);
// Determine the time the the script was last run.
var lastRun = PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().getProperty('lastRun');
lastRun = lastRun ? new Date(lastRun) : null;
// Get the list of users in the Google Group.
var users = GroupsApp.getGroupByEmail(GROUP_EMAIL).getUsers();
// For each user, find events having one or more of the keywords in the event
// summary in the specified date range. Import each of those to the team
// calendar.
var count = 0;
users.forEach(function(user) {
var username = user.getEmail().split('@')[0];
KEYWORDS.forEach(function(keyword) {
var events = findEvents(user, keyword, today, maxDate, lastRun);
events.forEach(function(event) {
importEvent(username, event);
}); // End foreach event.
}); // End foreach keyword.
}); // End foreach user.
PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().setProperty('lastRun', today);
console.log('Imported ' + count + ' events');
* Imports the given event from the user's calendar into the shared team
* calendar.
* @param {string} username The team member that is attending the event.
* @param {Calendar.Event} event The event to import.
function importEvent(username, event) {
event.summary = '[' + username + '] ' + event.summary;
event.organizer = {
event.attendees = [];
console.log('Importing: %s', event.summary);
try {
Calendar.Events.import(event, TEAM_CALENDAR_ID);
} catch (e) {
console.error('Error attempting to import event: %s. Skipping.',
* In a given user's calendar, look for occurrences of the given keyword
* in events within the specified date range and return any such events
* found.
* @param {Session.User} user The user to retrieve events for.
* @param {string} keyword The keyword to look for.
* @param {Date} start The starting date of the range to examine.
* @param {Date} end The ending date of the range to examine.
* @param {Date} optSince A date indicating the last time this script was run.
* @return {Calendar.Event[]} An array of calendar events.
function findEvents(user, keyword, start, end, optSince) {
var params = {
q: keyword,
timeMin: formatDateAsRFC3339(start),
timeMax: formatDateAsRFC3339(end),
showDeleted: true,
if (optSince) {
// This prevents the script from examining events that have not been
// modified since the specified date (that is, the last time the
// script was run).
params.updatedMin = formatDateAsRFC3339(optSince);
var pageToken = null;
var events = [];
do {
params.pageToken = pageToken;
var response;
try {
response = Calendar.Events.list(user.getEmail(), params);
} catch (e) {
console.error('Error retriving events for %s, %s: %s; skipping',
user, keyword, e.toString());
events = events.concat(response.items.filter(function(item) {
return shoudImportEvent(user, keyword, item);
pageToken = response.nextPageToken;
} while (pageToken);
return events;
* Determines if the given event should be imported into the shared team
* calendar.
* @param {Session.User} user The user that is attending the event.
* @param {string} keyword The keyword being searched for.
* @param {Calendar.Event} event The event being considered.
* @return {boolean} True if the event should be imported.
function shoudImportEvent(user, keyword, event) {
// Filter out events where the keyword did not appear in the summary
// (that is, the keyword appeared in a different field, and are thus
// is not likely to be relevant).
if (event.summary.toLowerCase().indexOf(keyword) < 0) {
return false;
if (!event.organizer || == user.getEmail()) {
// If the user is the creator of the event, always import it.
return true;
// Only import events the user has accepted.
if (!event.attendees) return false;
var matching = event.attendees.filter(function(attendee) {
return attendee.self;
return matching.length > 0 && matching[0].responseStatus == 'accepted';
* Return an RFC3339 formated date String corresponding to the given
* Date object.
* @param {Date} date a Date.
* @return {string} a formatted date string.
function formatDateAsRFC3339(date) {
return Utilities.formatDate(date, 'UTC', 'yyyy-MM-dd\'T\'HH:mm:ssZ');
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