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My `~/.ideavimrc` file
let mapleader=" "
""" Plugins --------------------------------
set surround
set multiple-cursors
set commentary
set argtextobj
set easymotion
set textobj-entire
set ReplaceWithRegister
set exchange
" Trying the new syntax
Plug 'machakann/vim-highlightedyank'
""" Plugin settings -------------------------
let g:argtextobj_pairs="[:],(:),<:>"
" <C-n> seems to me as a better solution than <M-n>,
" but we should finally support vim-visual-multi because vim-multiple-cursors is deprecated now
map <C-n> <Plug>NextWholeOccurrence
""" Common settings -------------------------
set showmode
set so=5
set incsearch
set nu
""" Idea specific settings ------------------
set ideajoin
set ideastatusicon=gray
""" My Mappings -----------------------------
map <leader>f <Plug>(easymotion-s)
map <leader>e <Plug>(easymotion-f)
map <leader>d <Action>(Debug)
map <leader>r <Action>(RenameElement)
map <leader>c <Action>(Stop)
map <leader>z <Action>(ToggleDistractionFreeMode)
map <leader>s <Action>(SelectInProjectView)
map <leader>a <Action>(Annotate)
map <leader>h <Action>(Vcs.ShowTabbedFileHistory)
map <S-Space> <Action>(GotoNextError)
" Reformat the current line only
map <leader>l V<Action>(ReformatCode)
map <leader>b <Action>(ToggleLineBreakpoint)
map <leader>o <Action>(FileStructurePopup)
map <leader>J Ji <ESC>
" Just makes me nervous
map H h
" Toggle case and start typing. E.g. `<leader>iget`: `property` -> `getProperty`
map <leader>i ~hi
" Remove selection and toggle case. E.g. `v2l<leader>u`: `getProperty` -> `property`
vmap <leader>u d~h
" I think it's a better solution
map U <C-R>
""" Strict mode for development ---------------
set ideastrictmode
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