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@AlexR1712 AlexR1712/bancos forked from xombra/bancos
Created Dec 27, 2017

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Codigo y Bancos correspondientes de Venezuela
<select name="banco">
<option value=""></option>
<option value="0156">100%BANCO</option>
<option value="0196">ABN AMRO BANK</option>
<option value="0172">BANCAMIGA BANCO MICROFINANCIERO, C.A.</option>
<option value="0171">BANCO ACTIVO BANCO COMERCIAL, C.A.</option>
<option value="0166">BANCO AGRICOLA</option>
<option value="0175">BANCO BICENTENARIO</option>
<option value="0128">BANCO CARONI, C.A. BANCO UNIVERSAL</option>
<option value="0102">BANCO DE VENEZUELA S.A.I.C.A.</option>
<option value="0114">BANCO DEL CARIBE C.A.</option>
<option value="0149">BANCO DEL PUEBLO SOBERANO C.A.</option>
<option value="0163">BANCO DEL TESORO</option>
<option value="0176">BANCO ESPIRITO SANTO, S.A.</option>
<option value="0115">BANCO EXTERIOR C.A.</option>
<option value="0003">BANCO INDUSTRIAL DE VENEZUELA.</option>
<option value="0173">BANCO INTERNACIONAL DE DESARROLLO, C.A.</option>
<option value="0105">BANCO MERCANTIL C.A.</option>
<option value="0191">BANCO NACIONAL DE CREDITO</option>
<option value="0116">BANCO OCCIDENTAL DE DESCUENTO.</option>
<option value="0138">BANCO PLAZA</option>
<option value="0108">BANCO PROVINCIAL BBVA</option>
<option value="0104">BANCO VENEZOLANO DE CREDITO S.A.</option>
<option value="0168">BANCRECER S.A. BANCO DE DESARROLLO</option>
<option value="0134">BANESCO BANCO UNIVERSAL</option>
<option value="0177">BANFANB</option>
<option value="0146">BANGENTE</option>
<option value="0174">BANPLUS BANCO COMERCIAL C.A</option>
<option value="0190">CITIBANK.</option>
<option value="0121">CORP BANCA.</option>
<option value="0157">DELSUR BANCO UNIVERSAL</option>
<option value="0151">FONDO COMUN</option>
<option value="0601">INSTITUTO MUNICIPAL DE CR&#201;DITO POPULAR</option>
<option value="0169">MIBANCO BANCO DE DESARROLLO, C.A.</option>
<option value="0137">SOFITASA</option>
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