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Drupal feature_banish exclude variables
* Settings helpers.
* Configuration for features_banish's module variable features_banish_items.
* Returned value contains Drupal 7 config variables that are state variables.
* This may include contrib-specific variables, but should never include
* feature-specific variables. For this case, use 'feature_banish' variable in
* features's .info file.
* @code
* // Config for features_banish to exclude state-based vars from features export.
* $conf['features_banish_items'] = MYMODULE_banished_features();
* @endcode
* @return array
* Array of banished features items.
* @see
function MYMODULE_banished_features() {
return array(
'variable' => array(
// Changes when cron is run.
// Security: Allows for running cron.php remotely.
// What install task the site is currently on.
// An error flag when Drupal can't talk to the internet.
// A list css files that are being cached by drupal.
// A list js files that are being cached by drupal.
// Cached parent-child relationships of menu items.
// The last timestamp when module updates were checked.
// Changes each time the css and jss cache is reset.
// Flag when the site is in maintenance mode.
// Private key used to generate tokens.
// Cached md5 hash of features export objects.
// Used to avoid race conditions.
// Cache of orphaned features.
// Install timestamp.
// CTools - Last cron run timestamp.
// Entity API - List of entity cache tables.
// l10n_update - Last time translation availability was checked.
// l10n_update - Translation status of enabled modules.
// Less dir is randomly generated on each cache clear.
// Module Filter - Recent modules timestamps.
// Module xmlsitemap - Last time the sitemap was generated.
// Module xmlsitemap - Whether the sitemap needs to be regenerated.
// Custom case - see below in taxonomy section.
'elysia_cron' => array(
'menu_custom' => array(
// Views shipped with contribs.
'views_view' => array(
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