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Created September 21, 2015 01:15
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Drupal patches PATCHED.txt log file.
Uncommitted patches
Uncommited patches are where we store references to the node which
contains our patch. These modules are all patched with uncommitted patches and
must be very carefully updated.
[#728702] - Drupal core [drupal]
Issue: Visiting index.php should redirect to install.php if settings.php already has database credentials but database is empty.
Patch: patches/drupal/install-redirect-on-empty-database-728702-36.patch
Who: John Doe <>.
Custom patches
Custom patches are things we've needed to modify, but are edge cases and not worth submitting to
Workflow [workflow]
1. Add sorting of recent nodes by history id.
Patch: patches/workflow/workflow_sort_by_history_id.patch
Who: Jane Doe <>
Review log
17/08/2015 Jane Doe -- Added install-redirect-on-empty-database-728702-36.patch
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