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my thoughts on grouping #bdd items using #vscommands - any other ideas?
+- FooSpecs.cs
BarSpecs.cs (with common Bar related IBehaviorConfigs)
+- when_bar_has_this.cs
+- when_bar_has_that.cs
FooSpecs.cs (with common Foo related IBehaviorConfigs)
+- when_foo_does_this.cs
+- when_foo_does_that.cs

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ChristianDeger commented Jun 29, 2010

At the moment I would favour:

+- BarSpecs.cs

and optionally

+- BarThisSpecs.cs
+- BarThatSpecs.cs
+- BarOtherSpecs.cs

Because the grouping is only visible in VS, there should be some coherence in the file system.


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agross commented Jun 29, 2010

I tried it with when_foo.cs a couple of years ago and failed due to unwieldy long file names (plus, duplication of context names in the file name and the context class). The *Specs.cs convention also makes it easier to set all files containing specs to have zero bytes later in the release build.


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AlexZeitler commented Jun 29, 2010

Thanks guys, sounds reasonable to me.

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