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Last active Jan 4, 2020

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A version of Coffeescript's {name, age, location} translating to {name: name, age: age, location: location} for Python, using
def d(*args):
d_name = 'd'
import inspect
cur = inspect.currentframe()
calling_frame = inspect.getouterframes(cur)[1]
frameinfo = inspect.getframeinfo(calling_frame[0])
string = frameinfo.code_context[0].strip()
import ast
ast_module = ast.parse(string)
ast_func_call = [node for node in ast.walk(ast_module)
if node.__class__.__name__ == 'Call' and
node.func.__dict__.get('id') == d_name
if len(ast_func_call) > 1:
raise ValueError("One reflection method per line, please")
# TODO named arguments
# TODO give better error when called with something other than variables
arg_names = [ for arg in ast_func_call[0].args]
return dict(zip(arg_names, args))
"""def dformat(string, *args):
return string.format(d(*args, d_name="dformat"))
def example(name, age, location, jank):
# instead of writing this, over and over again
print "Hi {name} from {location}, {age} old".format(
name=name, age=age, location=location)
# coffeescript lets you write the dict part of that as
# print """Meet {name}, {age} years old, based out of {location}""".format(
# {name, age, location})
# unfortunately, python already has {...} marked as set comprehension (2.7)
# you could use locals(), but they are rather insecure - it IS nice to
# specify which values you want to pass
# so I propose instead the function d, prototyped above:
print "Hi {name} from {location}, {age} old".format(**d(name, age, location))
# or, for the string formatting case, dformat
#print dformat("Hi {name} from {location}, {age} old", name, age, location)
# (doesn't work perfectly yet).
# Clearly this is a very primitive prototype, but I think with a bit more
# work it could be useful. What do you think? Hit me up @alexeymk.
if __name__ == "__main__":
example("@alexeymk", 26, "San Francisco", "this should remain private")

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mightymercado commented Jan 4, 2020


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