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@Alkz6 Alkz6/

Created Jun 6, 2018
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from guizero import App, TextBox, PushButton, Picture, Text, warn
from pokebase import pokemon
from requests import get
from PIL import Image
from io import BytesIO
def fetch_pokemon():
name = input_box.value
poke = pokemon(name)
weight_text.value = "Height: " + str(poke.weight)
height_text.value = "Height: " + str(poke.height)
pic = get(poke.sprites.front_default).content
image ='poke.gif')
icon.value = 'poke.gif'
warn("404 - Not Found", "Pokemon not found - please select another one")
app = App(title='Pokemon Fetcher', width=300, height=200)
input_box = TextBox(app, text='Name')
icon = Picture(app, image="poke.gif")
weight_text = Text(app, text='')
height_text = Text(app, text='')
submit = PushButton(app, command=fetch_pokemon, text='Submit')
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