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Using String.replace() with regular expressions
var myString = 'EXAMPLEstring';
var myNewString = myString.replace(/[A-Z]/g, '0');
function replaceFunc (a, b, c) {
console.log(a, b, c);
return a.toLowerCase();
var myOtherString = myString.replace(/[A-Z]/g, replaceFunc);
// Credit: Louis Lazarus
// This function expects three arguments. There could be more depending on how many "capture" groups are included in the regular expression.
// The first argument (a) is always the full text of the match.
// Since there are no capture groups, the second argument (b) is the zero-based index of the match within the string.
// The final argument (c) is the full text of the string being searched.
// As shown in this example, because the match is global (using the "g" identifier in the RegEx), the three arguments are logged for each match.
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