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KotlinX Serialization With Sealed Classes Example
import kotlinx.serialization.*
import kotlinx.serialization.internal.ArrayListSerializer
import kotlinx.serialization.internal.StringDescriptor
import kotlinx.serialization.json.Json
import kotlinx.serialization.modules.SerializersModule
sealed class Foo {
data class A(val s: String = "hunter") : Foo()
sealed class B {
data class B0(val i: Int = 42) : Foo()
data class B1(val b: Boolean = false) : Foo()
data class FooWrapper(@Polymorphic val foo: Foo)
* Foo Wrapper is used when we want to serialize Foo as a direct property.
@Serializer(forClass = Foo::class)
object FooSerializer : KSerializer<Foo> {
private val json by lazy { Json(context = fooContext) }
override val descriptor: SerialDescriptor = StringDescriptor.withName("foo")
override fun deserialize(decoder: Decoder): Foo =
.let { str -> json.parse(FooWrapper.serializer(), str).foo }
override fun serialize(encoder: Encoder, obj: Foo) =
.let { fooWrapped -> json.stringify(FooWrapper.serializer(), fooWrapped) }
* However, if we want to serialize Foo as part of a list, we need to use another
* custom serializer! In this case: [FooListSerializer].
data class MultiFoos(@Serializable(with = FooListSerializer::class) val foos: List<Foo>)
val fooContext = SerializersModule {
polymorphic<Foo> {
Foo.A::class with Foo.A.serializer()
Foo.B.B0::class with Foo.B.B0.serializer()
Foo.B.B1::class with Foo.B.B1.serializer()
object FooListSerializer :
KSerializer<List<Foo>> by ArrayListSerializer<Foo>(PolymorphicSerializer(Foo::class) as KSerializer<Foo>)
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
val fooA = Foo.A()
val fooB0 = Foo.B.B0()
val fooB1 = Foo.B.B1()
val foos = MultiFoos(listOf(fooA, fooB0, fooB1))
Json(context = fooContext).apply {
stringify(MultiFoos.serializer(), foos)
.let { str -> parse(MultiFoos.serializer(), str) }
Json.apply {
stringify(FooSerializer, fooA)
.let { str -> parse(FooSerializer, str) }
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