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Allan L. R. Hansen AllanLRH

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
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AllanLRH / Vitual keystroke example
Created May 17, 2017 — forked from chriskiehl/Vitual keystroke example
Python win32api simple Vitual keystroke example
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#Giant dictonary to hold key name and VK value
VK_CODE = {'backspace':0x08,
AllanLRH /
Created Apr 7, 2017 — forked from nimezhu/
plot directed graph (python matplotlib)
# programmer : zhuxp
# usage:
import sys
from getopt import getopt
import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def show_help():
print >>sys.stderr,"\n\ drawing causal graph from LiNGAM output equation matrix B"
print >>sys.stderr,"Library Dependence: networkx , matplotlib\n\n"
AllanLRH /
Last active Dec 18, 2015 — forked from djsutherland/
Bash script for cleaning up after a LaTeX run
exts=".ind .out .sync .idx .ilg .fls .log .aux .fdb_latexmk .bbl .blg .brf .lof .lol .lot .nav .snm .tdo .thm .toc .synctex.gz .run.xml -blx.bib"
for x in "${@:-.}"; do
arg=$(echo ${x:-.} | perl -pe 's/\.(tex|pdf)$//')
if [[ -d "$arg" ]]; then
for ext in $exts; do
rm -f "$arg"/*$ext