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Created Jan 11, 2019
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借助 Type Hint 进行运行时类型检查的 Python 装饰器
from functools import wraps
from inspect import getfullargspec
from typing import get_type_hints
def validate_input(hints, **kwargs):
# iterate all type hints
for attr_name, attr_type in hints.items():
if attr_name == 'return':
if not isinstance(kwargs[attr_name], attr_type):
raise TypeError(f'Argument {attr_name} is not of type {attr_type}')
def type_check(decorator):
def wrapped_decorator(*args, **kwargs):
# translate *args into **kwargs
func_args = getfullargspec(decorator)[0]
kwargs.update(dict(zip(func_args, args)))
hints = get_type_hints(decorator)
validate_input(hints, **kwargs)
ret = decorator(**kwargs)
if not isinstance(ret, hints['return']):
raise TypeError(f'Return value is not of type {hints["return"]}')
return ret
return wrapped_decorator
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