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For a web project we can setup following environment to build our app.
a) Development/Demo - This environment/stage will be get deployed on every changes pushed on `develop` branch. (Automated Build+deploy)
b) Release/QA - This environment will be get deployed once we create a release branch in the repository. (Manually build + deploy from TC `run` button)
c) Live - This environment will be deployed mannually from TeamCity by choosing the corrrect release branch to deploy on Live server. (Mannually)
For setting up the `development` and `release` environemnt on TC is simillar except the pointing the branch name.
We have followed few convension to give name to the applications on while setting up and it is pointed with the respective step.
TC Setup
Goto Pune Projects
Click Edit project settings
Create sub project
Add name <sub project name>
Goto VCS Root
On create VCS Root by selecting
Select Type of VCS -> git
Add VCS Root Name as sub project name
Add fetch url => url of bitbucket project path
Change branch to respective branch like for demo env set as develop
Add following in branch specification
Add authentication setting
Change authentication method to uploaded key as => id_rsa
Click on test connection, if connection is unsuccessful the check the settings of default branch
If connection is successful the click to `Create`
Click on general settings on left menu
Create build configuration
Add name => Sub project name with spaces like - Number Popup (Development) or Number Popup (Release)
Based on template - select gitflow + web pack-angularity-solution : development
Then click to create
Goto version control setting from left menu
click to Attach VCS root
Attach existing vas root as => choose name of sub proiject
and click attach
Goto parameters from left menu
click on edit application name
Goto subproject from breadcrumb
Create build configuration follow the steps
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