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Last active Sep 24, 2015
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Questions regarding Tareik Artis Shooting

Tareik Artis

My name is Amy Stephen. I am a long time Nebraska resident with questions for the media and Lincoln Police about the September 22, 2014, Tareik Artis shooting by the Metro Fugitive Task Force. I am a citizen sharing questions I have regarding the information shared - and not yet shared - on this shooting. I am not an attorney or a public official.


Question: What is Tareik condition? Is he still in critical condition? Has his family been able to visit him? Has his statement been taken? Have statements from the driver and other passenger been taken? Have they been arrested? If so, why? Please publish any available information from Tareik and those who were with him in the car.

Probable cause for detaining Tareik Artis

According to police, an officer was patrolling a specific area of Lincoln for the purpose of finding Tareik. The officer saw him get into a car and then pulled over the car over to apprehend him for fleeing a traffic stop in July.

Question: Is there a warrant for the July traffic stop? If so, why is it not listed on the City of Lincoln/Lancaster County "Persons with Outstanding Warrants" website located at If there is no warrant and since Tareik was not driving the car, wasn't he well within his rights to leave the vehicle? What probable cause did the officer have for detaining Tareik.

Dispatch and 911 call

News reports indicate the Lincoln police officer who made the stop reported seeing a pistol in the Tareik's waistband as he was fleeing. The officer contacted the police dispatcher for assistance apprehending Tareik, warning of his gun. It is also said that a 911 call from a citizen identified Tareik as having a gun.

Question: Please release the dispatch and 911 recordings, along with the name of the witness who placed the call along with statements made.

Metro Fugitive Task Force

The news reported the Metro Fugitive Task Force was dispatched with rifles for the purpose of apprehending Tareik who was said to be carrying a weapon.

Question: Given concern for a possible shooting, why weren't cameras used to capture a clear record of the confrontation and arrest? What are the names of the officers who shot Tareik? How many times was Tareik shot? Were any of the officers also involved with the March fatal shooting of Tyson Hubbard?

Are there public witnesses who saw the gun or saw Tareik pull the gun on officers?

Thus far, none of the public witnesses featured on television, in print or via Internet reported that they saw Tareik with a gun, let alone that they observed Tareik point the gun at officers. In fact, some of the witnesses said otherwise. The news said Sheriff's office has a witness who saw Tareik pull the gun on police.

Question: Please release the name of witness(es) and statements made about seeing Tareik with a gun and seeing Tareik point a gun at officers.


Police report that Tareik was found with several packages of narcotics. Pictures show his pants on the ground after he was taken to the hospital.

Question: What type and quantity of drugs were found? Did witnesses see these packages? (If so, please release their names and statements.) Were his trousers removed by medics? Did they fall off? Were the drugs in his pants (a couple of witnesses said he was holding his pants in place while running.)

Criminal History and Vagrant Label

Repeatedly, authorities and media mentioned Tareik's "criminal history" for marijuana possession. If I understand correctly, Tareik does not have a criminal record. He is a teenager with two minor infractions carrying the same weight as a traffic ticket.

Question: Why highlight minor infractions and specify marijuana use? Why identify him as a "vagrant" when he is a high school graduate of a local school? These labels serve only to smear his character which is especially concerning given he is a teenager. Please clarify Tareik does not have a criminal record for the public to prevent misunderstanding.


I will add links to existing news reports and videos related to Tareik Artis.

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