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Created February 4, 2022 13:17
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go-passbolt-cli gitlab pipeline example
# Set the configuration file containing the private OpenPGP key and passphrase
cat ${PASSBOLT_CLI_CONFIG} | base64 -d > /root/.config/go-passbolt-cli/go-passbolt-cli.toml
# Login to gitlab CI registry
# CI_REGISTRY_* variables are dynamically set by gitlab
# login to Docker HUB registry / fetch password from passbolt
# Define resource name and username as they are named in passbolt
NAME=" token for gitlab"
# Get passbolt resource ID from passbolt resource name and username
ID="$(passbolt list resource - column ID - column Name - column Username \
| grep "${NAME}" | grep "${USERNAME}" | head -n1 | awk '{print $1}')"
# Get passbolt resource password from its ID
PASSWORD=$(passbolt get resource - id ${ID} | grep Password | sed 's/^Password: //g')
# Authenticate to Docker Hub with password retrieved from passbolt
docker login -u ${USERNAME} -p ${PASSWORD}
# Pull image from Gitlab registry
IMAGE="$(echo ${CI_REGISTRY}/${CI_PROJECT_PATH}/nginx-distroless-unprivileged:${NGINX_VERSION} | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')"
docker pull ${IMAGE}
# Tag image with docker hub tag
docker tag ${IMAGE} anatomicjc/nginx-distroless-unprivileged:${NGINX_VERSION}
# Push it
docker push anatomicjc/nginx-distroless-unprivileged:${NGINX_VERSION}
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