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Andrew Barba AndrewBarba

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AndrewBarba / AsyncMap.swift
Created Jun 20, 2021
Concurrent async version of map on any Sequence
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extension Sequence {
func mapAsync<T>(_ handler: @escaping (Element) async -> T) async -> [T] {
return await withTaskGroup(of: (Int, T).self) { group in
var results: [Int: T] = [:]
for (index, item) in self.enumerated() {
group.async { (index, await handler(item)) }
for await (index, transformed) in group {
results[index] = transformed
AndrewBarba / EpsonDeviceNameToSeries.swift
Created May 25, 2017
Convert Epson printer device name to series enum
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func printerSeries(for name: String) -> Int32 {
switch name.uppercased() {
case "TM-M10":
return EPOS2_TM_M10.rawValue
case "TM-M30":
return EPOS2_TM_M30.rawValue
case "TM-P20":
return EPOS2_TM_P20.rawValue
case "TM-P60":
return EPOS2_TM_P60.rawValue
AndrewBarba / cs6740-space-boilerplate.js
Last active Feb 11, 2016
A boilerplate for the cs6740 space colonization problem written in Javascript. Abstracts away parsing and organizing the data so you can focus on the algorithm needed to solve the challenge.
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'use strict';
* Returns the cheapest way to colonize the given species
* The first argument is an Array of species, and the second argument
* is an array of discounts.
* A single species in the array, accesed like species[0], has 2 properties:
* - cost: Int - the cost to bring 1 of these species without a discount
* - needToBring: Int - the number of species I need to bring
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// Dispatch.swift
// Created by Andrew Barba on 8/25/15.
import Foundation
public struct Dispatch {
AndrewBarba / make-xcode-fast
Created Apr 14, 2015
Make Xcode (with Cocoapods) faster by cleaning Pods, workspaces, and derived data folders
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rm -rf Pods
rm -rf *.lock
rm -rf *.xcworkspace
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/*
rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*
pod install
AndrewBarba / UIColorMake
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Objective-C macro for easily creating UIColor instances with RGB values between 0 and 255
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* Example: UIColor *teal = UIColorMake(9.0, 171.0, 161.0, 1.0)
__UIColorMake(CGFloat r, CGFloat g, CGFloat b, CGFloat a)
return [UIColor colorWithRed:(r/255.0) green:(g/255.0) blue:(b/255.0) alpha:a];
#define UIColorMake __UIColorMake
View Formatted Phone Number String
* @updated: 2014-07-29
* @source:
static NSCharacterSet* set = nil;
set = [[NSCharacterSet decimalDigitCharacterSet] invertedSet];
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/*** ANDREW BARBA ***/
/**** April 2013 ****/
// A replacement for jQuery's .click() event that
// automatically supports taps on mobile devices
// and clicks on desktops
jQuery.fn.touchClick = function(fnc)