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# pls + gib
# "Securely" transfer files between two computers, assuming the receiver has an accessible IP address
# Instructions:
# Add this to your .bashrc, and restart your terminal.
# Example session
# on receiver's terminal:
# $ pls > file.txt
# on sender's terminal:
# $ gib < file.txt
# On first run, a certificate will be created in $PLSCERT.
# You can repeatedly hit Enter to fill in default cert info,
# as it doesn't really matter for such a dumb command line tool.
function pls() {
if test ! -f $PLSCERT; then
openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:1024 -out $PLSCERT -keyout $PLSCERT
openssl s_server -accept $PLSPORT -naccept 1 -quiet -cert $PLSCERT -key $PLSCERT
function gib() {
openssl s_client -connect $1:$PLSPORT -quiet -no_ign_eof
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