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PHPixie using sockpuppets on /r/php

See this thread here

/u/dracony Based on the previous comments I updated the base auth project to include separate user and admin logins (totaly separate auth domains), added a .gif demo for the lazy ( ) and the ability to impersonate users.

/u/phpgeek Wow, that's actually something I could use.

/u/underdogging10 Just gonna throw this out there... but you seem to always post positively on any PHPixie post shortly after it is posted. Pretty sure this is just /u/dracony. In fact, basically everything you have posted over the last 3 months is just praise of PHPixie.

/u/phpgeek What can I say, I'm a lurker, but I follow /u/dracony on twitter and want to support the project

A little bit of digging into /u/phpgeek's posts and you can see that, sure enough, they're all sharing PHPixie material.

One of the only posts that isn't explicitly about PHPixie is a link to, a project that /u/phpgeek claims responsibility for. The WHOIS record on this domain is protected, but a quick ping test shows that it's running on the same server as

andrew ~ ping -c 1
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=46 time=145 ms

andrew ~ ping -c 1
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=46 time=157 ms

Sockpuppet in Action

aequasi08 So, is /u/phpgeek just /u/dracony?

(dracony) Oh come on. I'm one and only. You cant just assume every person who uses pixie is me

(phpgeek) Lol /r/php forensics , you must really hate /u/dracony, but I am pretty sure I'm a different person

phpgeek Wow, that's actually something I could use

phpgeek Congrats!

phpgeek Wow that is great, really. I never though somebody would do this, but it's great!

phpgeek Looks really interesting. I've been developing with PHP for years and never knew those existed. Thanks!

phpgeek This turned out far simpler than I expected. Thanks!

phpgeek Cool, another one! Its awesome that you keep a steady schedule with these now

phpgeek Looks nice, will give it a try later today. Congrats on the new lib btw!

phpgeek I'm glad you took /u/phpdevster advice o starting Pixiecasts =)

Other Sockpuppets

The /u/phpgeek account has now been suspended; two other accounts (/u/vanderwooodsen and /u/webslacker) were suspended at the same time:

vanderwooodsen Just tried it out. You should mention that it might be required to chmod the database.sqlite file and the root directory (otherwise PDO refused to write to it). Other than that it's a perfect starting point for my projects now, well, if only it also could do Twitter and Facebook signup...

vanderwooodsen Awesome. This will save me so much time reading the docs every time. Are there going to be more sketon apps for the common usecases? I could really use one with a frontend/backoffice application split, with separate logins.

webslacker That's actually a great idea. I'd see that

vanderwooodsen Well since it's a library, probably not much work went into this. But it sure looks usable :)

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