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class Memory {
* Function that get the size of an object.
* @param object
* @return Size in bytes of the object or -1 if the object
* is null.
* @throws IOException
public static final int sizeOf(Object object) throws IOException {
if (object == null)
return -1;
// Special output stream use to write the content
// of an output stream to an internal byte array.
ByteArrayOutputStream byteArrayOutputStream =
new ByteArrayOutputStream();
// Output stream that can write object
ObjectOutputStream objectOutputStream =
new ObjectOutputStream(byteArrayOutputStream);
// Write object and close the output stream
// Get the byte array
byte[] byteArray = byteArrayOutputStream.toByteArray();
// TODO can the toByteArray() method return a
// null array ?
return byteArray == null ? 0 : byteArray.length;
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