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js scheme打开app
<script type="text/javascript">
function open_discovery()
{"mqqapi://qstory/opendiscovery?one_page=0&key_form=web&src_type=type&version=1&parter_api=tribe", '_blank')
//'mqqapi://huayang', '_blank')
//window.location.href = 'mqqapi://qstory/open?src_type=1&version=1&parter_api=1&default_label=dd';
function open_win()
function open_riji()
//"mqqapi://qstory/open", '_blank')
window.location.href = 'mqqapi://qstory/open';
<input type=button value="Open Window" onclick="open_win()" />
<input type=button value="Open discovery" onclick="open_discovery()" />
<a href="mqqapi://huayang">Launch Application</a>
<input type=button value="Open riji" onclick="open_riji()" />
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