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" This script makes it easy to generate the preview of a file using some
" external program. This could probably be used for any kind of file that
" requires some preprocessing before usage, like coffeescript or markdown.
" The preview's parameters are defined using the function SetupPreview. Its
" first parameter is the extension of the processed filetype, the second one
" is the shell command to execute, with %s being replaced by the current
" file's filename.
" Examples:
" call SetupPreview('js', 'coffee -p %s')
" call SetupPreview('markdown', 'markdown %s')
" To open up the preview window use the command :Preview. After that, it will
" be updated upon saving the original buffer.
command! Preview call s:InitPreview()
function! SetupPreview(extension, command)
let b:preview_file = tempname().'.'.a:extension
let b:preview_command = printf(a:command, shellescape(expand('%')))
let b:preview_command .= ' > ' . b:preview_file . ' 2>&1'
autocmd BufWritePost <buffer>
\ if bufwinnr(b:preview_file) >= 0 |
\ call UpdatePreview() |
\ endif
function! s:InitPreview()
if !exists('b:preview_file')
echoerr 'No preview command has been defined for this buffer.'
if bufwinnr(b:preview_file) < 0
let original_buffer = bufnr('%')
exe 'split '.b:preview_file
call s:SwitchWindow(original_buffer)
call UpdatePreview()
function! UpdatePreview()
if !exists('b:preview_file') || bufwinnr(b:preview_file) < 0
call system(b:preview_command)
let original_buffer = bufnr('%')
call s:SwitchWindow(b:preview_file)
silent edit!
syntax on " workaround for weird lack of syntax
normal! zR
call s:SwitchWindow(original_buffer)
" Switch to the window that a:bufname is located in.
function! s:SwitchWindow(bufname)
let window = bufwinnr(a:bufname)
exe window.'wincmd w'
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