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A `.projections.json` file that can be used with vim-projectionist for navigating ember.js projects
"app/initializers/*.js": {
"type": "initializer"
"app/models/*.js": {
"type": "model",
"alternate": "app/adapters/{}.js",
"app/adapters/*.js": {
"type": "adapter",
"alternate": "app/serializers/{}.js",
"app/serializers/*.js": {
"type": "serializer",
"alternate": "app/models/{}.js",
"app/services/*.js": {
"type": "service",
"app/routes/*.js": {
"type": "route",
"alternate": "app/controllers/{}.js",
"app/controllers/*.js": {
"type": "controller",
"alternate": "app/templates/{}.hbs",
"app/templates/*.hbs": {
"type": "template",
"alternate": "app/routes/{}.js",
"app/components/*.js": {
"type": "component",
"alternate": "app/templates/components/{}.hbs",
"app/components/*/component.js": {
"type": "component",
"alternate": "app/components/{}/template.hbs",
"app/templates/components/*.hbs": {
"type": "ctemplate",
"alternate": "app/components/{}.js",
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