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EZCite Privacy Policy


Hello curious users! I am Andrew, the creator of EZCite. Please note that I am not a lawyer, I am just a student. Regarding this privacy policy, it is required by Google so here it is.

What data do I collect?

Absolutely none, not even google analytics. Although the extension has access to the webpages you visit (only if you click on the icon), it does not store or share that information at all. This extension should work perfectly offline.

Third Parties

Although I do not collect any data, there is a single third party (Easybib) which might collect your data. The extension uses their service to check if a website is credible. Please refer to their privacy policy here:

In addition to EasyBib, there is one (obvious) additional third party - google. The extension uses google's API to save bibliographies in your drive.

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