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Description on setting up MVC web projects
This namespace should contain all functionality that is not expansive enough to be in its own project but are required by multiple consumers/projects
- Logging and other cross access functions
- Generic helper classes for logging.
- Non-domain specific, independent functionality, and Profiling. Such as .NET Extension methods.
This namespace contains the domain objects.
- Domain Objects (POCO), Shared data transfer objects, Models, ViewModels, etc
- Business logic for Validators, Filters, Factories, Regular expressions
This is the Data Access Layer. This is for accessing the persistence store.
- EntityFramework Context and mapping of domain objects. ORM setup
- Data access patterns
This is the Business Logic Layer. This should be the main area where business logic appears. This is where consumption of all the previous layers happens.
- Business Logic
- Connection of "lower" objects (Domain and Data)
- Example can be a thin layer for retrieving and storing data objects
- Integration with external services
This is where the web based project(s) are located.
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